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Date: May 2002

Conference Deadlines for 2 002




  • ICCADInternational Conference on Computer Aided-Design. Deadline Pa ssed
  • DACDesign Automation Confe rence. Deadline Passed
  • DATEDesign Aut omation & Test in Europe. September 8
  • ASP-DACAsian So uth-Pacific Design Automation Conference. July 19
  • ICCD: International Co nference on Computer Design. Deadline Passed
  • ISCASInternational Symposium on Circuits & Systems. Oct 1

    Physical Design

  • SLIPThe System Lev el Interconnect Prediction Workshop. Deadline Passed
  • ISPDInternational Symposi um on Physical Design.  Deadline Passed

    System/Logic Synthesis & Ver ification

  • IWLSInternational Worksho p on Logic Synthesis. Deadline Passed
  • CAV: Computer-Aided Verifi cation. Deadline Passed
  • SASIMI: Workshop on Synthesis And System Integration of MIxed Technologies.< b> November 15


  • ITCInternational T est Conference. Deadline Passed
  • VTSVLSI Test Symposi um. To be announced   

   Low Power

  • ISLPED : The International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Desig n. Deadline Passed

Computer Architecture

  • ISCAInternational Symposium on Computer Architecture. To be announced
  • MICR O: International Symposium on Microarchitecture. June 10


  • FOCS: Annual Sympos ium on Foundations of Computer Science. Deadline Passed
  • STOC: ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing.  To be announced
  • SODA: ACM Symposiu m on Discrete Algorithms. July 9


  • RECOMBInte rnational Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology. Septem ber 30
  • ISMB: International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology. Deadline Passed
  • WABI: Work shop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics. Deadline Passed