RentCon: Rent Parameter Evaluation Using Different Methods

Kwangok Jeong (
Andrew B. Kahng (
Hailong Yao (


The circuit Rent parameter has been studied for years in the literature [1, 2]. We revisit
the Rent parameter calculation task and provide a program to evaluate the Rent parameter
of a given circuit design using different methods, including netlist based methods (e.g.,
circuit partitioning based methods and graph traversal based methods) and placement
based methods (e.g., a rectangle sampling based method). For each evaluation method,
different types of pin counting and averaging (e.g., arithmetic and geometric mean)
methods are adopted to compute potential values of ‘the’ Rent parameter. The goal of the
program is to evaluate the Rent parameter of current circuit designs and analyze the
effects of different evaluation methods on the computed Rent parameter. Further, the
computed Rent parameter values can be reconciled against extracted wirelength and
fanout distributions, in order to inform better predictive models of wiring, buffering and
timing in next-generation designs.

A detailed user manual can be downloaded here. (Link)

NOTE: The program does not extract any technology information or logical
information of the design. Output files are in ASCII format, so that you can check
the contents.


The RentCon source can be downloaded here. (Link) Note that in the directory, every source file related to use of publicly posted LEF/DEF parsing codes (as of the time RentCon was created) has the required notice:

* This file is part of the Cadence LEF/DEF Open Source
* Distribution, Product Version 5.7, and is subject to the Cadence
* LEF/DEF Open Source License Agreement. Your continued use of
* this file constitutes your acceptance of the terms of the LEF/DEF
* Open Source License and an agreement to abide by its terms. If
* you don't agree with this, you must remove this and any other
* files which are part of the distribution and destroy any copies
* made.

Please respect this notice!

The current version of the program is tested on CentOS 7.5 with g++ (GCC) 5.4.0 or higher.
To install the program, please follow the following steps.

1. Clean the existing objective files and libraries:

csh> cd ./Source

csh> make -f makefile.install clean

2. Configure, compile and generate the executable:

csh> ./configure

csh> make –f makefile.install

To test the program, please invoke the executable with the options provided in the user's manual. Note that backslash (‘\’) can be used for continuation in providing the parameters in multiple lines.


We thank Mateus Fogaça for fixing a number of issues so that RentCon now builds in g++ (GCC) 5.4.0 or higher. Mateus's changes from the original release can be seen with % diff -bur RentCon-081103 RentCon-180515.


[1] B. S. Landman and R. L. Russo, "On a Pin Versus Block Relationship for Partitions of Logic Graphs”,
IEEE Trans. on Computers, C-20(12) (1971), pp. 1469-1479.

[2] L. Hagen, A. B. Kahng, F. Kurdahi and C. Ramachandran, “On the Intrinsic Rent Parameter and New
Spectra-Based Methods for Wireability Estimation”, IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design, 13(1),
January 1994, pp. 27-37.