Last Modified: November 22, 2013

ABK Group Research Overview

Our research encompasses

  1. IC Physical Design
    • Logic, circuit, interconnection and layout design including performance/power analysis/timing verification
  2. Modeling and Estimation
    • Process/device/interconnect modeling and power/timing estimation
  3. Design Margin Reduction and Signoff
    • Exploration of design space to seek the best (voltage, frequency) combinations for multiple-operation modes of IC, subject to power and area limits
  4. Design for Manufacturability
    • Generation of yield optimized cells, layout compaction, wafer mapping optimization and planarity fill
  5. Technology Roadmap
    • Development of core models for ITRS (International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors): layout density, low-power design technology, MPU and SOC product scaling
  6. Adaptive and Resilient Circuits
    • Adaptive voltage scaling, approximate computation and error-tolerant design
  7. 3D Integrated Circuit Design
    • 3D IC physical implementation flow and benchmarking of benefits from 3D IC implementation