Last Modified: October 11, 2006

ABKGroup New Member Introduction - Logging On

Andrew Kahng < abk@ucsd.edu >

  1. You will need an account at vlsicad.ucsd.edu . If you don't already have one, send email to Puneet Sharma . For some research topics, an account at vlsicad.ucsd.edu can be helpful.
  2. We no longer support ftp, rlogin, etc. You must connect to our machines using SSH or other secure client.
    A non-commercial copy of the SSH distribution can be obtained at: http://www.ssh.com/products/ssh/download.cfm for free. Click here to see a list of platforms that SSH currently supports. Complete documentation of the SSH software is available at: http://www.ssh.com/products/ssh/documentation.cfm
  3. If you have any problems with this, send us email.