Andrew B. Kahng, Professor of CSE and ECE, UC San Diego

As of Winter 2017, ABKGroup at UCSD consists of Vaishnav Srinivas (7th year (part-time) ECE Ph.D.), Jonas Wei-Ting Chan (6th year ECE Ph.D.), Jiajia Li (6th year ECE Ph.D.), Hyein Lee (5th year ECE Ph.D.), Kwangsoo Han (4nd year ECE Ph.D.), Lutong Wang (3rd year ECE Ph.D.), Ahmed Youssef (2nd year ECE Ph.D.); Bangqi Xu (2nd year ECE M.S.), and Sriram Venkatesh (1st year CSE M.S.). Mr. Soowan Hong of Samsung is a visiting scholar from January 2017 - January 2018. (We also work with Mr. Changho Han of Samsung, another visiting scholar at UCSD.) Mr. Mingyu Woo is a visiting undergraduate student (January-March 2017) from UNIST in Ulsan, Korea.

Research assistantships and post-doctoral positions are available. Available projects are in areas that include, but are not limited to: (1) VLSI physical design, (2) challenges at the VLSI design-manufacturing interface, (3) big-data and applications, (4) technology extrapolation and system roadmapping, and (5) challenges of margin and cost reduction in IC implementation (signoff definition, model-hardware correlation, etc.). Research is supported by NSF, industry sponsors, and the C-DEN center.

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