Andrew B. Kahng, Professor of CSE and ECE, UC San Diego

As of Fall 2012, ABKGroup at UCSD consists of Seokhyeong Kang (5th year ECE Ph.D.), Tuck-Boon Chan (5th year ECE Ph.D.), Vaishnav Srinivas (3rd year ECE Ph.D.), Siddhartha Nath (3rd year CSE Ph.D.), Jonas Wei-Ting Chan (2nd year ECE Ph.D.), Hyein Lee (1st year ECE Ph.D.), Ilgweon Kang (1st year CSE Ph.D.), Jiajia Li (2nd year ECE M.S.). Dr. Bong-Il Park of Samsung is a visiting scientist from February 2012 - February 2013. Dr. Jae-Gon Lee of Samsung is a visiting scientist from January 2013 - January 2014.

Research assistantships and post-doctoral positions are available. Available projects are in the areas of: (1) the MARCO Gigascale System Research Center's "platform architectures" thrust (system-level roadmapping); (2) VLSI physical design spanning interconnect design, large-scale partitioning and placement, and problems at the VLSI design-manufacturing interface; (3) SRC- and NSF-sponsored projects on challenges at the design-manufacturing interface.

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